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About Us

About Us

The quality of the services of drywall repair is the highest. This is how our drywall repair business works and why it is considered the best in California. We excel in drywall removal and installation and are experts in patching and painting.

Address: Milwood Ave
Canoga Park, California
Zip code: 91303
Phone: 818-812-3170

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We offer drywall installation and removal, patching and texturing, popcorn ceiling removal, tile repairs and replacement, and wall covering services

Do you know what makes “Drywall Repair Canoga Park” unique? We give customers choices and make the best decisions ourselves. When we say that we want the best for our clients, we mean it and do our best to put that thought in action as we do in all occasions. We don't just promise things. We implement them. When it comes to drywall removal, we examine the stability of the house in order for you to avoid problems.

When you rely on our company, everything becomes easy. Since we are experts in both drywalls and tiles, we can also promise excellent tile and drywall services. Is it as simple as that? Not quite! We don't just rely on our expertise but also check out the special requirements and building codes of your own property before we interfere with your drywalls. Our decisions define us and we can assure you that we take wise decisions.

Discover the qualities of our teams

Who doesn't have to take decisions? When it comes to the drywall repair business, the responsibilities are plenty. So, our decisions are taken after serious thinking and consideration of various factors.

* We have decided long ago to use high quality products. You can be sure of the durability of our materials and of their safety to your health

* We also choose environmental friendly coatings in order to protect your health

* We make excellent drafts and have technicians who can read the blueprints right in order to ensure quality work and stable walls and ceilings

* We never stop making improvements in all levels: our infrastructure, knowledge, training and expertise

* We have decided to support the ideas and desires of our clients and we do

* We have decided to offer our assistance fast when customers need tile and drywall repair and we do

Call us if you need assistance at: 818-812-3170

We don't simply throw these statements to the air, but put them into practice every single day. That's what's expected from a company which is comprised from first class professionals. Drywall Repair Canoga Park has professionals, who care to do things right and that's all drywall services are performed with amazing attention and perfection. We aim at proficiency and we succeed. You can trust us for any one of your projects and the only thing you have to do is to call us. Alternatively, you can email us as well!

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