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Signs That Drywall Repair or Replacement is needed

Signs That Drywall Repair or Replacement is needed
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Drywall is commonly used as ceilings and walls at home. It’s also called gypsum board, wallboard, Sherlock and plasterboard. It is also easier and much faster to install compared to plaster and lath, which were more popular before drywall was introduced. What would take several weeks to finish would only take days with the wallboard. However, due to various reasons, including natural wear and tear and water damage, you may need to have drywall/Sheetrock repair or removal. Here are some signs that your drywall needs this.

1. Stains on the Plasterboard

Signs That Drywall Repair or Replacement is neededStains on the drywall are often signs of water damage. This is more common on ceilings, especially if there are leaks on the roof. It’s true that drywall is often saturated with water during installation to become flexible so it could be easily bent. However, this is something that experts do with control to prevent causing problems. On the other hand, leaks, plumbing problems and condensation could cause stains on the wall and it’s a possible sign of water damage. One way to check is to hold the part with stain and see if it’s soft. If it is, then there’s a bigger chance that it’s damaged and it needs repair or replacement. Make sure to wear gloves when you do this.

2. Droop or Bubble on Drywall

This is another sign of water damage. It may not always be obvious, but the drywall may be soaked with water for various reasons and it could collapse anytime. So if you see any part of the drywall sagging, again, you may try to poke on it using your fingers to see if it’s soft. If it is, then repair or replacement is needed.

3. Holes and Rotten Parts

These are obvious signs that your drywall requires repair or replacement. Holes and rotten parts on the wallboard are not a good sight. If you want to keep your home looking beautiful, then it needs to be taken care of immediately. Moreover, not having the problem fixed quickly could make it worse overtime.

4. Wallboard Mold Damage

Mold grows when drywall is in contact with water, so aside from leaks and burst pipes, other causes could be exposure to water due to close proximity with bathroom, shower and sink. Aside from the drywall being damaged, this may also pose health risks to you and your family.

If you see any of these signs, it’s best to have your drywall checked for repair and replacement.

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